Open All Hours: The Online Shopping Fanlisting

Online stores I shop at

Amazon is an international online store that has sites for loads of different countries. It is my favourite online shopping site, as it sells such a variety of goods, at fantastic prices. I highly recommend it!

The Bookmark Shop
This site sells beautiful charm bookmarks made from metal and they're engraveable too. I can vouch for the quality of these bookmarks - they're gorgeous. I have bought several over the last few years and they've never disappointed. They make ideal gifts and they sell other stuff too - pens, notebooks, bookholders etc. They will ship to anywhere in the world.

Photobox is an international online photography printing service. I have all my digital photos printed by them and I find them to be good value and high quality. Their photobooks are also fantastic, especially as they are so customisable. I make one for every holiday I go on and they are always high quality. You can also have your photos put onto calendars, mugs, mousemats, diaries etc and can have them put onto canvas or acrylic for displaying on your wall.

The Book People
What can I say? I love books and I love The Book People. They are UK based and offer a large variety of books, at fantastic prices.

Cross Stitch UK
A site for all things cross stitch (of course). They're UK based, but ship worldwide and they sell an amazing variety of cross stitch kits as well as fabric, frames, hoops, lights etc.

eBay is an online auction site. It provides a place for people to buy and sell used and new goods. It is international and has sites for loads of different countries. You have to be careful about who you buy from, but overall, it's a great site. I've managed to get some fantastic stuff on eBay at cheap prices.

Calendar Club
They sell calendars (obviously), but also diaries, giftware, bookmarks etc. Their range of calendars is simply amazing, in terms of subjects, sizes and formats. Really worth checking out and they will ship to most countries.

There's some very strange, but also some very great stuff here. They sell some very unusual items and even if you don't buy anything, you can while away a good hour or so marvelling at how pointless and/or clever the stuff is and have a giggle at the witty product descriptions.

These metal bookmarks are absolutely fantastic and look gorgeous. They have a wide range of hookmarks to suit almost anybody and they will ship all over the world (they are based in the USA).

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